Just finished up a commission. I’m technically not taking them… but I made an exception for the man who helped me get health insurance (thank goodness for local brokers).

Turns out his daughter and her friends are big anime/fantasy fans. What are the odds? And the commission just so happens to feature his daughter (foreground and center) and her friends.

Anonymous asked: (I'm pretty sure someone already asked this but) What program do you use for your art?

Photoshop CS4! 

Storenvy sale!

It’s green alcohol weekend! Perfect time for a sale(?!) Use the promo code GREEN to get 30% off cool stuff like these shiny and new Young Avengers buttons!

Sale runs until Monday, March 24!

One more set! And I’m done!

Same note about the names. Let me know if I’ve messed them up! (I’m copying them off Wiki.

Here’s more Hetalia postcards. So many characters oh my god.

I think I’m almost done. With current character designs, anyway. Also, if I messed up the names, let me know. I’m just copying off Wiki.

Anonymous asked: are you going to upload your entire minivengers set to any of your shops?

I’m out of prints right now, but hopefully I’ll have time to go to the printers by the end of the week.

They’ll be up on Storenvy, and there’s a few available on Society6. Although, if you wait for Storenvy, the prints will sell for less (not as much overhead)

I’ve updated my Society6 store!

In addition to new art, I’ve fixed some older uploads as well.


EDIT: reblog for the new promotion.  FREE Shipping and $5 Off Each Item via this link! Sale lasts until March 9!

Who do I need to kidnap talk to over at Marvel to make a Miss America series?

I just want a miniseries or something real bad :( 

This is the first time I’ve actually finished a Thor pic.

… my hundreds of messy sketches don’t count ^^; Very pleased with this one, prints incoming! I’m uploading it to my Society6 store right now.

Ghost possession aww yiss!

My fave illustration for Dead Endings (so far). Read chapter 3 at Sparkler Monthly :)