Back from Wondercon! I had so much fun but was wholly unprepared for how busy it was going to be. Can’t wait for next year!

To celebrate my first year at Wondercon (and to clear out my inventory), I’m having an I-survived-Wondercon sale on Storenvy.

Use the code WONDER to get 30% off on all items. Sale goes from now until Friday, May 2.

Next stop, BigWow and Fanime!

One more commission. #CaptainMarvel #CarolDanvers #wondercon 2014

Forgot to take pics of all my commissions at #Wondercon, but here’s a few… #Sandman #vertigo

This my last pre-Wondercon post!

It’ll be my first time attending/tabling there, so I’m excited and nervous. Stop by and say hi!

I love Sam and I love Anthony Mackie. I am starting my slow descent into hell this part of Marvel fandom. :(

Another new print for Wondercon.

Blue, black, and red.

New prints for Wondercon! They’ll be available on Storenvy after I get back from Anaheim.

Signing #Thor prints for #wondercon . These turned out great! Say hi to me in artist alley table AA-19.

Edit: original post of the art for a closer look :)

I’ve made a Loki button set! Which should surprise absolutely no one.

I’ll be selling these, along with my other buttons, at Wondercon (table AA-19) for $1 each. You can buy the fullset at Storenvy.

Cap and Bucky WIPs.

I was really disappointed in the first Cap movie but this one looks so promising I’M EXCITED.

Taxes done! I can move on with my life. Bonus Totoro looming over my receipts