This my last pre-Wondercon post!

It’ll be my first time attending/tabling there, so I’m excited and nervous. Stop by and say hi!

I love Sam and I love Anthony Mackie. I am starting my slow descent into hell this part of Marvel fandom. :(

Another new print for Wondercon.

Blue, black, and red.

New prints for Wondercon! They’ll be available on Storenvy after I get back from Anaheim.

Signing #Thor prints for #wondercon . These turned out great! Say hi to me in artist alley table AA-19.

Edit: original post of the art for a closer look :)

I’ve made a Loki button set! Which should surprise absolutely no one.

I’ll be selling these, along with my other buttons, at Wondercon (table AA-19) for $1 each. You can buy the fullset at Storenvy.

Cap and Bucky WIPs.

I was really disappointed in the first Cap movie but this one looks so promising I’M EXCITED.

Taxes done! I can move on with my life. Bonus Totoro looming over my receipts

Just finished up a commission. I’m technically not taking them… but I made an exception for the man who helped me get health insurance (thank goodness for local brokers).

Turns out his daughter and her friends are big anime/fantasy fans. What are the odds? And the commission just so happens to feature his daughter (foreground and center) and her friends.

Anonymous asked: (I'm pretty sure someone already asked this but) What program do you use for your art?

Photoshop CS4! 

Storenvy sale!

It’s green alcohol weekend! Perfect time for a sale(?!) Use the promo code GREEN to get 30% off cool stuff like these shiny and new Young Avengers buttons!

Sale runs until Monday, March 24!