Brand new 11x17 Winter Soldier print debuting at SacAnime this weekend!

I usually feel weird about hanging up my own art, but dammit, I’m super pleased with this one. It’s going up on the wall.

New additions to my society6 store, some badass ladies.

My Storenvy will be closed until until Sept. 15, but I will have prints of Carol and America at SacAnime in a few weeks.


Ah, winter. When the birds all cluster around the space heater.

This is very much not an art post, but I wanted to remind people that my housemate and I have a birdblog. Because between the two of us, we have seven birds. Three cockatiels (Perrin, Juniper, and Nithhogg), and four parakeets (Scylla, Olive, Eos, and Fennel… who is not in these pics because she is a baby and recent addition to the birdy family).

If you’d like to see more pics of our silly birds, give lumpofbird a follow :)

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The final chapter of Dead Endings is up for free viewing right now!

Thanks very much to Lianne, Jessica, and everyone at Chromatic Press for making me a part of the team. Such a fun project! I was totally one of the eager readers waiting for the next chapter. Jess just loves those cliffhanger chapter endings :( 

I forgot to post the new buttons in the previous post, so let me try this again…

I’ll be at StocktonCon this weekend with a few new things (table AA68)! I’ll also be at SacAnime in a few weeks.

Prints and buttons will be available online when I re-open my Storenvy shop on Sept. 15.

It’s that time again, getting ready for #StocktonCon by signing a few hundred prints. Say hi at the con next weekend, table AA 68 #artistalley #ironman #coulson #wintersoldier

I can post this one now! My variant cover for the Amazing World of Gumball issue #4, featuring a background photo of my neighborhood :)

The variant I did for issue 2 is over here!

New Supernatural buttons debuting at StocktonCon and SacAnime this August.

I’m pretty late to the SPN party so I’m only on season 4. More characters incoming as I watch more show.

PS. I couldn’t figure out how to crop the Impala for a button I will be sad about it forever

Super sketchy, but I’ll post these anyway. Getting in on the Sailor Moon redesign party. 

I’m going for the superhero/Gatchaman thing…

edit: hee swrd-play got the Moon Knight influence. You guys, Moon Knight is such a good looking book…

Working up the confidence to draw on bigger canvases. Ink on 12x18 white cover stock.