Another OC commission #SacAnime2014 #artistalley

OC commission #SacAnime2014 #artistalley

More commissions #Noragami #yukine #hiyoriIki

Time for commission posts #SixthDoctor #ClassicWho #doctorwho #sacAnime #artistalley

Haha ’80s manga Loki #agentloki #sacanime #artistalley

I’ll be at SacAnime this weekend, at table AA139

Bringing some new prints, plus my advance copy of Shojo Fashion BOYS (you have to all caps that part) for people to look through. 

… I still need to finish packing.

Ehe #thor #loki

Brand new 11x17 Winter Soldier print debuting at SacAnime this weekend!

I usually feel weird about hanging up my own art, but dammit, I’m super pleased with this one. It’s going up on the wall.

New additions to my society6 store, some badass ladies.

My Storenvy will be closed until until Sept. 15, but I will have prints of Carol and America at SacAnime in a few weeks.


Ah, winter. When the birds all cluster around the space heater.

This is very much not an art post, but I wanted to remind people that my housemate and I have a birdblog. Because between the two of us, we have seven birds. Three cockatiels (Perrin, Juniper, and Nithhogg), and four parakeets (Scylla, Olive, Eos, and Fennel… who is not in these pics because she is a baby and recent addition to the birdy family).

If you’d like to see more pics of our silly birds, give lumpofbird a follow :)

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